hi there, i go by koma, im 15 years old and i do art of current special interests and art of my ocs '

he/him please

white and ablebodied, no documented mental illnesses

ask for my discord, ill totally talk to u!

only really listing the big interests

danganronpa, osu, madness combat, petscop, starbound, lisa

neros day at disneyland, msi, renard (and other aliases)

a kinnie in 2018?

main id (big base of my personality)

komaeda nagito

questioning akira kurusu

sorry. nothing here yet

i love you luke!! 5/21/17 (10 months !!!!)

"Love is like a sludge Because whenever i see you i want to poke you except its more like a hug than a poke" youre the most caring and the sweetest boyfriend ive ever had and i love you so much, you make me the happiest boy ever, your laugh, your smile, your passion for things, you all around are just amazing, ive never felt true love until i fell in love with you, youre so funny and kind and everything i could ever hope for, i love you so so much


  • u can follow me if u meet the regular DFI criteria (anti lgbt, racist, etc) but,, please dont interact with me if u do
  • dont interact with me if u support maps, or ship pedophilic/abusive/incestuous things, dont interact if ur friends with astronomicallywrong on deviantart

commissions? not set up yet

art trades? friends and mutuals only

requests? friends only

what progam do you use? a mixture of alot of programs, depends on which one i feel like using but my mains are medibang, paint tool sai 2 and krita

what kind of tablet do you use? a turcom ts-6610

why does your art suck so badly? lol idk